AOL Sailing Adventure

Aol invited key media clients to an unforgettable sailing experience along the Mediterranean and its incredible islands and beaches.

Brand Ibiza created a stunning long weekend sailing package for a group of 20 that included international travel, luxury transfers, 5 star accomodation, unique dining experiences and luxury yacht charter with Brand Ibiza skipper and event staff making sure the trip ran smoothly.

Featuring some of tne of the most famous and beautiful coastlines in the world, this trip was a highlight for many our of clients guests, and our follow up videos and photo package enabled Aol to further strengthen their business relationships with its key media partners.

Ibiza Secrets – Who goes?


Ibiza is unique in that it represents a variety of international consumers across section of ages, nationalities and demographics in one stunning melting pot of trend setting, media savvy early adapters. Facts and Figures:

  • Over 2.5 million people passed through Ibiza airport in 2010
  • The age demographics reveal that over 50% of the tourist footfall is between the ages of 24-45, 25% in the 45-64 bracket and only 5% over 65
  • The young under 25 demographic shows a near 15% share
  • As well as large numbers from Spain and Great Britain, Ibiza is a popular destination with German, French, Scandinavian and increasingly Russian holiday makers.