Fashion Shows

Brand Ibiza has been involved in several Fashion Product Launch parties, one held on the island of Ibiza was for Boccaccini which was a small private affair in 2011.

We sourced all logistics required and worked with them from conception to set up and final discussions for a truly successful event. This was a luxury launch on every level with only the finest of products included as part of the events affair.

There is no substitute for live performance to feed adrenaline, excitement and enthusiasm for a product or clothing range, Brand Ibiza combines sound, staging, lighting & choreography in a dynamic way, leaving audiences spellbound.

At Brand Ibiza we treat every project as individual with its unique set of challenges and creative opportunities. Our expertise in creating a unique experience means that every penny of your budget is used to a maximum effect.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor


From magicians and stilt walkers through to Tiesto and Andrea Bocelli, we have a an extensive variety of entertainment options for every kind of event and budget .

VIP Experiences

With a discerning list of international clients and corporations, Brand Ibiza has a dedicated V.I.P team that create incredible celebrity parties, bespoke luxury vacation packages and high end client experiences.

Conferences & Incentive Travel

Brand Ibiza has created a variety of fun, inspiring and importantly business-generating conferences, corporate weekends and sales and marketing seminars for groups of 10 to 1000

Ibiza Secrets – 2. Villa or Hotel ??

With a group of 6 or more, a villa can be both a cost effective and exclusive alternative to a hotel, and if it’s service you want, Brand Ibiza can also arrange catering, transport and your own in villa entertainment such as DJ’s, musicians and performing artists

You can also benefit from the privacy and secluded spaces a villa can offer, whether overlooking the sea, nestled in the pine forests or with that sunset view, Brand Ibiza has several options for any size group and budget.