Andrea Hall – Event Director

Andrea has been working in the Event Management business for over 14 years. Her knowledge and expertise lie within new business development and experiential marketing, helping companies to create campaigns which stand out, draw media attention and are relevant to their target markets, ensuring maximum exposure.

She has had the fortune to work with many large companies, recent ones being, O2, AVIVA, BSKYB, LLOYDS TSB BANK, MARS and the FINANCIAL TIMES, to develop strategic campaigns and events to promote their products and services.

Andrea has worked in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Russia over the last 14 years on such campaigns and more recently Ibiza.

With a very strong media background she has been able to access a huge PR and marketing network on behalf of all of her clients, adding value to each and every campaign. This was particularly true with regards to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ball, where this tool was essential to help to promote the event within the Grand Prix arena and make it such a huge success in its first year.

With experience in a wide range of different events of all sizes and varying budgets, and in many different territories, Andrea has a wealth of experience to adapt this to any market and sector.

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